Developed to bring the ideal combination of design, performance and value, the First collection group consists of 5 carpet tile collections (First Forward, First Straightline, First Streamline, First Decode & First Define) that can be used on their own or mixed & matched into exciting floor layouts.

First Forward

First Forward is a loop pile carpet tile that brings you a wealth of on-trend mix&match possibilities at a competitive price level. When it comes to design, there’s no single element more impactful than colour. That’s why First Forward offers a wide range of 27 colours – including classy neutrals, calming nature-inspired palettes and some bold funky shades. 

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First Straightline

First Straightline's linear pattern is soft and refined. Driven by 4 classy bases in blue, beige, grey and black, you can create subtle tonal combinations or power up the design with brightly coloured stripes that come and go.

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First Streamline

The multi-striped design of First Streamline adds soft linear contrast to your flooring design, whilst also creating a sophisticated knitted effect. Besides being an ideal match for First Forward, First Streamline can also be mixed & matched with a selection of colours of Motion///Vision for playful colour gradients. A fabulous way to add flow and a pace to layouts.

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First Decode

Moving from light to dark and from thin to thicker lines, First Decode offers a gradient-like barcode effect for any commercial space. With assured neutrals in black, blue, beige and grey through to bright accents of yellow, orange and green; First Decode’s distinct pattern is available in a total of 11 colours. 

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First Define

The randomised texture of concrete is mimicked in the expressive pattern of First Define. Available in 11 colours, First Define’s colour palette includes tones of grey, beige, blue and black to bright and bold reds, yellows, oranges and greens. Alongside the more linear patterns found in the First collection group, First Define adds a flowing design to the series.

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With First we've created a series of patterns that use colour to provide co-ordination and balanced contrast. From laying a foundation with First Forward to marking out zones with the linear designs of First Straightline, First Streamline and First Decode and the flowing pattern of First Define; it’s a collection group that is designed to mix & match seamlessly.


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