One of the great advantages of modulyss carpet tiles is that they are easy to install, maintain and replace. Nevertheless, to understand our products even better, we have gathered some useful cleaning and installation tips, as well as some information about our different carpet tile backings.


Next to the colour, pattern or structure of a tile, it’s equally important to think about the backing. We offer various backing options that provide the perfect solution for your specific needs. From acoustic performance and better walking comfort to durability and recyclability. You name it, we have it.

modulyss backings


Our carpet tiles not only guarantee a long performance life, but also ensure easy installation and replacement. Installing carpet tiles means saving in costs thanks to the smaller cutting loss compared with fitted carpets or other floor coverings. There is no need for permanent gluing and a phased installation is possible.

Next to the traditional adhesives used for the installation of carpet tiles and planks, we also offer self-adhesive tabs, called Flex Fitters. With a negligible amount of VOCs, leading to a better indoor air quality, and a higher recyclability of both the tabs and the carpet tiles, this flexible method offers a sustainable solution.

modulyss installation mascotte & toolbox


Our carpet tiles are known for their strong character and their optimal retention of colour and appearance. These properties not only guarantee a long life, but also make the cleaning of the carpet tiles much easier and faster.

Retaining the beauty of your carpet requires a scheduled approach. The good news? Smart and regular maintenance repays itself many times over. A clean place makes a happy space.


15-year warranty

We guarantee our customers nothing less than top quality carpet tiles and back up that promise with a 15-year warranty on all our products.

15 year warranty