The &-collection group is our long-running coordinated approach to the way we design carpet tiles. Bold & vibrant, sophisticated & luxurious; & is a collection of styles that bring personality to every space.


Fashion& uses the power of colour upon a timeless base for a look that adds personality to any space. With its linear texture, subtle shine and 36 rich colourways, Fashion& brings a carpet tile for every style.

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Velvet& defines opulence through lavish textural contrast and rich colours combining for the look of elegant, time-worn velvet. Luxurious hues starring rust, navy, ocean, burgundy, jade, ochre, purple and grey are given tonal duality through random tip-sheared texture; a tight and dense structure interspersed by areas of velours for a rich velvet-feel. 

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Fluid& is a mind-blowing carpet tile collection that brings a bold splash of colour to commercial spaces. Perfectly imperfect in its approach to pattern, the collection possesses a wonderful sense of fluidity and movement, elevating the look of office and hospitality spaces.

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Although all the designs in the &-collection group can be used in mesmerising singularity, they are developed to coordinate perfectly and create stunning layouts when mixed & matched with each other too.

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