We want to help you to develop ideas and concepts for your next project by inspiring you with our recent installations, moodboards and blogposts. You can also try out your own floor plans in the modulyss designer, our online design tool.

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Shaping the character of a space with our carpet tile collections and unique design approach is what we love to do most. That’s why we offer solutions for a wide range
of commercial spaces such as offices, banks, public buildings, schools, universities,
hotels and many more that can help you create an environment in which comfort
and wellbeing are key.

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Let our moods be the inspiration for your next project. We shape them based on interior trends and industry insights and show you how it synergises with our product range.

modulyss designer

Design tool

The modulyss designer is an online design tool which allows you to make unique and creative floor designs with a variety of colours, patterns, structures and grids. So give your creativity free rein and just combine & design as much as you like!

modulyss blog


With our blog, we want to tell the story behind modulyss. We do that by moving beyond the commercial and product-based level in order to explore the primary interests of our industry. Our key goals are to inspire and inform architects, interior designers and carpet aficionados alike by sharing content about hot trends, riveting projects, how to’s, events, sustainability and wellbeing at the office.