The DSGN collection group takes its inspiration from different corners of the art world and combines it into a timeless and sophisticated series. The 3 loop pile designs — DSGN Absolute, DSGN Cloud and DSGN Tweed — coordinate perfectly thanks to their shared use of colour, which also makes them a perfect companion to our First collection group.


DSGN Absolute

Like a blank canvas, DSGN Absolute offers a solid base that will give your space a unique look through its mix of colour nuances. The combination of 2 subtly contrasting tones creates a washed-effect that balances out the pattern. 

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DSGN Cloud

DSGN Cloud’s pattern is inspired by cloud formations, the muse of many artists. Guided by our deep connection to nature, we created a tranquil and organic carpet tile design with a soft transition between lighter and darker tones. 16 colour variations set a dreamy and transient mood, incorporating both neutral and bright hues that will lend the perfect ambience to your space.

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DSGN Tweed

The iconic tweed fabric serves as an inspiration for our DSGN Tweed collection. Brought to a contemporary setting, this dense textured pattern creates an artisan feel that is both timeless and chic.

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DSGN Absolute, DSGN Cloud and DSGN Tweed can be mixed & matched with each other, or with First Forward.


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