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215 m²



The DSGN Studio



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A question of ecology and design

The London office of Venari Partners has been transformed with modulyss carpet tiles, including designs from the harmonising &-collection group.

modulyss_Venari_Fashion& 979, Fluid& 961

Venari Partners, a boutique executive search firm, called in The DSGN Studio to create its office space and the interior design & build practice turned to modulyss carpet tiles to bring the scheme together. Using Fluid&, Fashion& from the &-collection group and Gleam from the Delight collection group, The DSGN Studio has utilised harmonising designs, coordinated colourways and ECONYL® regenerated yarn to uphold its principles.

modulyss_Venari_Fashion& 979 (1)

The floor finish is a fundamental element in every project. It really does provoke a reaction and so we take a great deal of care in its specification. First and foremost, the flooring needs to enforce ecological action then work as a palette builder, thereby binding the scheme together.

- Ben Dudley, The DSGN Studio
1_modulyss_Venari_Fashion& 979, Fluid& 961

The DSGN Studio has used the harmonising designs of the & series to powerful effect. Choosing Fluid&, a biophilic design inspired by the flow of water and combining it with Fashion&’s timeless textured stripe, the practice delivers a stimulating yet relaxing look across open plan workspaces. For meeting rooms, Gleam possesses effortless chic, created through dull and gloss regenerated ECONYL® yarns with a premium cut-pile feel.

Fluid& was chosen for its earthy ‘Shoreditch’ tones and an ability to reflect the visual culture of the world outside within the interior. It holds the scheme together brilliantly and its design has real longevity, which is key for a greener workspace. The vibrant design also has the unusual ability to be both stimulating and calming.

- Ben Dudley, The DSGN Studio
modulyss_Venari_Fashion& 979_Fluid& 306, 961

We chose modulyss for its ecological actions, as well as the designs and colour palette available to us. We’ve used every carpet tile manufacturer at one time or another, but modulyss has the knack of hitting the mark in sustainability, design, reliability and service.

- Ben Dudley, The DSGN Studio