With ecoBack, we have launched a backing solution that is specifically designed to be recycled. So if you want to help close the loop and contribute to the circular economy while also improving installer ergonomics, ecoBack is the right backing for you.


  • ecoBack is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold.
  • It consists of a polyolefin-based layer with min. 75% recycled content.
  • It's 100% PVC and bitumen free.
  • ecoBack makes for an easier and healthier installation. Thanks to its unique composition, flexibility and lower weight, it’s easier and less strenuous for installers to cut and handle tiles with an ecoBack backing.
  • ecoBack is 25% lighter than other backings, but offers the same acoustical values and an even better dimensional stability.
  • The lower weight of the backing results in (up to 16%) less CO2 and particulate matter emissions and fuel consumption during the transport of the carpet tiles.
  • After use, we can recycle your backing into a first grade new backing solution.