comfortBack, a recycled polyester felt, reduces muscle fatigue while also fending off wear. If you’re looking to improve wellbeing and comfort within your workspace, then comfortBack is the way to ensure cushioning and sound-absorption for a floor that’s comfortable for longer.

How does it work?

Just as comfy as the sole of your favourite pair of sneakers! 

comfortBack uses a specially developed 90% recycled content polyester felt to provide its comfort. It’s lightweight yet dense enough to absorb, and recover from, footfall time and time again.

The high-recycled content and lack of chemicals not only make comfortBack better for the immediate environment of your space, but for the planet as a whole.



Outstanding performance

Instead of the fibres having to absorb the constant impact of footfall and traffic, comfortBack takes up the challenge and enhances the wear resistance and appearance retention of modulyss carpet tiles. comfortBack makes our high-performance carpet tiles last even longer, while making them easy to install, quieter and of course, more comfortable.

Long-term durability

The resilience and construction of comfortBack’s recycled polyester felt backing ensure that the carpet tiles provide the long-term durability and strength demanded in today’s busy workspaces, even under intense use.

Less noise

Contributing to an all-round comfort focus, comfortBack’s dense felt helps to reduce the noise of background conversations and footfall when compared to standard back2back equipped carpet tiles.

Keeping quality high

modulyss carpet tiles with back2back are known for faultless performance and this remains the case with comfortBack: burning behaviour, perfect seams, dimensional stability and more; comfortBack equipped carpet tiles have it all.