21 Xtra

Xtra is a colourful carpet collection that gives a playful twist to every interior. Scintillating combinations can be created with the fresh and trendy palette of 9 colours, available in 3 different products: Cambridge, Step and Perpetual.

With flying colours

Xtra Cambridge 21F

Xtra Cambridge 25F

Xtra Cambridge 30F

Xtra Cambridge 41F

Xtra Cambridge 45F

Xtra Cambridge 50F

Xtra Cambridge 55F

Xtra Cambridge 60F

Xtra Cambridge 65F

Xtra Perpetual 21F

Xtra Perpetual 25F

Xtra Perpetual 30F

Xtra Perpetual 41F

Xtra Perpetual 45F

Xtra Perpetual 50F

Xtra Perpetual 55F

Xtra Perpetual 60F

Xtra Perpetual 65F

Xtra Step 21F

Xtra Step 25F

Xtra Step 30F

Xtra Step 41F

Xtra Step 45F

Xtra Step 50F

Xtra Step 55F

Xtra Step 60F

Xtra Step 65F

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