Global warming is probably the world’s most serious challenge and threatens our society and future generations. We all need to do what we can to improve the situation as fast as possible.

Here at modulyss, we’re rising to this global challenge with our CO2RE initiative, which allows you to create a fully CO2 neutral project by supporting climate projects.

Making a change

The planet’s getting warmer

It’s well proven that human activities are making the planet warmer and that we need to cool it down pretty quickly. One of the biggest contributors to global warming comes from CO2 emissions of the modern world and by working together to reduce these, we can have a lasting, more positive impact on future generations.

No matter how big or small the actions, we should all do our bit to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible and that’s where our CO2RE initiative comes in.


Turning down the heat

Here at modulyss we’ve been working to reduce our carbon footprint since 2008, taking huge steps in making our products and production processes less impactful on the planet. All of these have helped considerably in reducing our CO2 emissions. But just like any other company, for now it’s impossible to reach zero emissions through production and operational improvements alone. When producing carpet tiles, there is an unavoidable small footprint left behind, but we are determined to do something about it and not transfer it to future generations.

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How it works

  • CO2RE is available through the Limit Your Footprint Programme. It's standard for all Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products, all collections from the Handcraft collection group, and available on request on all other modulyss carpet tile collections.
  • The remaining greenhouse gases for your project are calculated.
  • This value is turned into a CO2 equivalent for which credits are purchased.
  • With those credits, modulyss supports a certified climate project to the full CO2 equivalent.
  • The production of the carpet tiles for your project is now CO2 neutral.
  • Your commitment to make a change will be certified by CO2logic and validated by third-party certification specialist Vinçotte.
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Supported projects

To offset (y)our CO2 emissions, we support cookstove projects in Africa. Nearly 3 billion people cook food and heat their homes using traditional cookstoves or open fires. Four million deaths are estimated to happen every year due to smoke exposure from these methods. We support projects that introduce more insulated and efficient cookstoves to families in Africa.


50% less fuel used

35% less greenhouse gas emissions

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